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Sealmaster Slabseal


Slabseal was originally designed for Bardct Limited to provide a fire barrier in their 'B' line busbar ducting where it passed through the floor or wall of a fire compartment. The ducting incorporated a substantial proportion of insulating material in its construction, so very little air space eas available to accomodate fire quenching materials in the conventional manner. Sealmaster's Research and Development department devised abd developed this simple but extreemly effective solution, which can be used as a fire barrier in other situations.

Slabseal consists of a specially formulated intumescent material reinforced with glass fibre to give increased mechanical strength. On exposure to heat the intumescent material expands to completely seal the gap and so prevent fire and smoke penetration. In the case of busbar installations, the insulation material will be destroyed by fire, but the gap left will be filled by the expanding Slabseal.

Although originally designed for a specific purpose, Slabseal can be produced in various shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements. Slabseal can be applied to all slim-line ducting whether electrical or other, or may be used as a fire barrier between walls and floors.

An indicative test was carried out at FIRTO where a Barduct ' B' line busbar was protected by Slabseal, and was exposed to the time, temperature and pressure conditions specified by BS 476. The duct was mounted in a reinforced concrete floor slab 200mm thick, and projected 1 metre above the slab. The test was terminated at 120 minutes at which time the duct had still retained its stability and integrity. A copy of the test report is available for inspection.

Slabseal is normally completely cocealed within the ducting. The slab is supplied with self adhesive strips on one side for mounting flat on the inside of the ducting cover. Slabseal should be positioned lengthwise in the ducting.


This product is available ex-stock with delivery normally within 7 - 10 days. Express overnight delivery can be arranged on request.


Material: Glass fibre reinforced intumescent material. Size: The slab is 9mm thick. For the 'B' line busbar, dimensions are 150mm x 100mm. Other sizes can be supplied to suit individual requirements. Colour: White. Fire Resistant Rating: Two hours.

Durability: Good mechanical strength and handling properties achieved through glass fibre reinforcement of slab.

Safety: There are no health hazards associated with this product.

Store in a cool, dry place before use.

Sealmaster provide initial design services with technical support at all stages of work from planning through to site installation, without obligation..

Sealmaster can take on the total package responsibility of supply and installation using in-house expertise or approved specialist sub-contractors.

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Our sales and technical teams will be only too pleased to provide further advice or technical information on Sealmaster's fire penetration systems or any form of passive fire protection.

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