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Sealmaster Fire Mortar


Intumescent mortar is ideal for use in the apertures of walls and floors which are difficult to access. It provides up to 4 hours fire resistance (to BS 476: Part 20) and a mere 75mm thickness gives 2 hours protection. Supplied as dry powder in 20kg sacks and 10kg tubs, it is mixed with water and either trowelled or poured into shuttering.

Intumescent FR Mortar expands whilst curing to make a very effective seal and once set (off-white) it can be drilled or sawn to allow the passage of other cables, pipes etc. provided these are re-sealed. For large floor openings such as riser ducts which require load-bearing capacity, please consult our Technical Department for a steel reinforcement specification and installation manual.

Independently tested to BS 476: Part 20 to give up to 4 hours fire resistance.

Fire Rating / Thickness / Pourable Coverage
Fire Rating: Depth of Mortar: Approx No of 20kg sacks / sq metre:
1 hour 75 mm 3.5 (20 kg) Sacks
2 hours 75 mm 3.5 (20 kg) Sacks
3 hours 100 mm 4.8 (20 kg) Sacks
4 hours 100 mm 4.8 (20 kg) Sacks

FIRE Mortar

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