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Sealmaster FireFoam


Where large gaps exist between the door frame and wall construction, conventional intumescent seals may not always be appropriate. In such cases Sealmaster FireFoam can be used to maintain the integrity of a fire compartment. It is also suitable for filling in around ducts and other service penetrations.

FireFoam is an intumescent, dry foam joint filler which is quickly and easily fitted, requiring no adhesive or surface preparation prior to use. It is flexible and will accomodate movement, yet is durable and resistant to extreme environmental variations.

Sealmaster FireFoamAPPLICATIONS
FireFoam has three main areas of application:
• Expansion joints and other linear joints.
• Around ducts or service penetrations.
• Between door frames and structural openings.

On activation the fire resistant foam degrades and the volume is replaced by an expanding mass of intumescent graphite which prevents the passage of smoke, flames and hot gases

Independently tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987 to give up to 4 hours depending on the width of the gap and depth of FireFoam.

Fire Resistance: 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins 180 mins 240 mins
Gap Width:
Depth of FireFoam fill required:
10mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 35mm 40mm
20mm 25mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 50mm
30mm 25mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 50mm
40mm 30mm 30mm 35mm 45mm 55mm
50mm 35mm 35mm 45mm 60mm 75mm
60mm 35mm 35mm 45mm 65mm 90mm
70mm 40mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 105mm
80mm 40mm 40mm 50mm 85mm 105mm
90mm 45mm 45mm 55mm 85mm 105mm
100mm 50mm 50mm 60mm 85mm 105mm



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