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Sealmaster FireClose


FireClose protects the integrity of fire compartments where pipes (and cables) pass through walls, floors and ceilings. Without a protective collar device, a fire would soften and then consume PVC, uPVC and polypropelene pipes - leaving an opening for air to fuel the fire and for the fire to escape from the compartment.

The collar is hinged so it can be fitted to existing pipes and is locked with a steel clamp. It contains several layers of high pressure intumescent compound which are flexible - allowing a comfortable fit over nominal pipe sizes: 55mm, 82mm, 110mm and 160mm. During a fire, the pipe softens and the intumescent material expands to completely fill the gap left by the pipe. FireClose can be cast-in or surface-mounted (brackets are included) in either vertical or horizontal planes. It is slim enough to fit into narrow corners which would be too tight for larger closers. It provides up to 4 hours protection, depending upon the substrate. Non-standard sizes are also available.

FireClose Fire Rating
Nominal Pipe Diameter: Concrete Wall / Floor: Timber Floor:
55mm 4 hours 2 hours
82mm 4 hours 2 hours
110mm 4 hours 2 hours
160mm 3 hours 2 hours

Independently tested to BS 476: Part 20 to give up to 4 hours fire resistance.