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Sealmaster FireBar


FireBar is an ideal fire barrier for larger and more complex apertures (between 100 x 100mm and 3000 x 1200mm). Constructed of resin-bonded mineral fibre board, FireBar is coated with a special graphite-based intumescent material. It can be easily cut with a sharp knife and is unaffected by dampness, moisture and the other rigours common to building sites.

FireBar offers up to 3 hours fire resistance and can be used in conjunction with FireFoam to seal around cable trays and small pipes. It has been proven in BS 476: Part 20 tests - as well as in a real fire - further details are available from Sealmaster's Technical Department.

Independently tested to BS 476: Part 20 to give up to 3 hours fire resistance.


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  • Sealmaster Fire Bar