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Sealmaster Design and Test Services

Whether you need to control airflow in the Channel Tunnel, heat loss at the South Pole, build fire, smoke or blast resistance into your buildings or require products to be designed and produced for particularly challenging applications, Sealmaster has 40 years of experience in controlling the leakage of air, smoke, fire, noise, fumes, gases, water and particles through apertures at your disposal.

Sealmaster has worked with the BBC to develop acoustic seals for its studio doors. See the Acoustic Seals page for more details.

With a wide range of aluminium profiles and elastomeric inserts to choose from, it is often possible to put non-standard combinations to novel use - for example to form a neat frame for Raymond Blanc's Shower with seals built in. Usually we are able to advise without charge on feasibility and cost at the outset. Occasionally limited feasibility tests may be necessary to provide accurate guidance.

For further assistance, please contact our Research and Development Department.




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