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Recent Developments

We are delighted to introduce a new and more advanced range of weather seals for doors and windows. This is part of an intensive programme under way at Sealmaster to improve the performance and value of the products and services we offer. Here are just some of the more recent developments.

Sealmaster New Product RangeNew Ranges, New Features
The new Smartseal range introduces three new features. The drainage channels are covered with a water permeable lid and the outlets are controlled with one-way valves for enhanced performance. The weatherboard section is available in aluminium (silver or gold anodised as standard) or in timber. Most of the new door threshold seals come with the option of an aluminium or integral timber weatherboard.

Sealmaster Test FacilityNew Weather Seal Test Facility On Stream
With the installation of our new fullsized rig, we can simulate extreme weather conditions for testing prototypes under development. We test well beyond the performance levels required by British Standards. The facility is easily adapted to develop products for unusual applications requiring the control of air leakage, smoke, gases, water etc.

AntarcticaAntarctica - The Ultimate Challenge
The British Antarctic Survey monitors the ozone layer from the South Pole - in the most hostile weather on the planet. finding other products were not up to the task, BAS contacted Sealmaster for a solution to protect researchers and computers in the SHARE command caboose (left) from the elements.

Design CouncilDesign Council Selects Sealmaster (again)

Four Sealmaster products were selected by the Design Council in 1999 as Millennium Products - to represent the most innovative in the UK. The four products mark key advances in the fire protection of buildings using intumescent technology. (In 1968, the CoID selected our range of weather seals for a Design Award.)


recent developments

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