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Glass Fire Door Seals


Glass fire doors present particular desgn challenges because unlike glazed fire doors there is often no substantial frame to restrain the glass so that it delivers the required fire resistance performance.  Sealmaster intumescent seals have helped glass fire door designers overcome these challenges.

Glass fire doors allow the optimul flow of natural light whilst achieving 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance performance.

Sealmaster Glass Fire Door SealsFEATURES
Glass fire doors may be fully integrated into partition systems. The example shown here is a 30 minute glass fire door installed as part of a faceted butt-jointed fire screen in the Heathrow Hilton Hotel. The fire door incorporates Sealmaster Ultima seals   in slim 22mm stiles. These fire and smoke seals have the added feature of providing draught sealing to the door.

Sealmaster seals have been incorporated into 30 and 60 minute fire resitaning glass fire doors in both single and double leaf configurations. Manual and automatic glass fire door designs have been successfully achieved and even challenging bolt through handle designs. Manifestations can be incorporated thus allowing varied levels of obscurity to be achieved.

The construction and installation of glass fire doors is generally carried out by specialist manufacturers. Sealmaster technical staff are available to offer advice on the use of Sealmaster FireGlaze intumescent seals.


Sealmaster have working a number of specilaist glass fire door manufacturers to assist in the design of door sets which have been independently proven to meet 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance in accordance with BS476 Part 22.

No substitution of materials may be permitted. For further information and advice please contact our technical department


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