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Sealmaster Intumescent Ironmongery ProtectionAn invisible revolution is under way in fire safety glazing and partitioning - with Sealmaster's new FireGlaze intumescent glazing systems at the forefront. Continuous runs of glazing no longer need to be broken by masonry fire walls or lobbies. FireGlaze systems enable fire partitions to be matched-in seamlessly with ordinary timber-framed glazing - uncluttered by metal or heavily coated hardwood frames.

FireGlaze systems are the first to offer a rating of 60 minutes (BS 476) on floor-to-ceiling height panes in any untreated timber frame - including softwoods. They are also the first to make butt-jointed fire safety glazing an option (30 minutes, BS 476) - eliminating the need for mullions alltogether (see image above). FireGlaze systems are so effective they make it possible to take advantage of fully-glazed fire doors in buildings - single or double leaf and 30 or 60 minutes rated to BS 476.

FireGlaze systems offer an improved flow of natural light through buildings giving a crisper, cleaner and more open environment. They help to reduce the energy costs of artificial lighting and the effect of computer screens. The also offer savings in materials and installation time. Their benefits are transparent - setting new standards in fire safety glazing.

How FireGlaze Systems Work

FireGlaze systems include specialised intumescent compound, dry liners and dual reservoir strips (depending on the application). These form a hidden gasket around each pane of fire safety glass. During a fire, the intumescent seals activate to insulate and support the edges of the glass - enabling even full-sized panes to hold back fire for up to 30 minutes after reaching the glass's softening point.


Design CouncilFireGlaze systems are unique in being recommended by leading fire safety glass manufacturers Schott and Pilkington. FireGlaze is also one of four Sealmaster product ranges selected by the Design Council in 1999 as Millennium Products - to represent the most innovative in the UK.


FireGlaze systems are easy to install, requiring a one-time operation and come with illustrated instructions. Sealmaster can recommend experienced contractors and also trains interested contractors - without charge.


It is important to note that components used in different fire tests connot be 'mixed and matched'. Different types of fire safety glass and joinery configurations behave in markedly different ways during a fire. However, a wide range of options is available based on an extensive programme of BS 476 tests. We strongly recommend that specifiers take advantage of our free advice at an early stage.


Sealmaster runs a programme of free Fire Safety Days at its Cambridge site (or by arrangement, at yours). Theses are CPD approved by the RIBA and include a module on fire safety glazing. Those held at at our site include the opportunity to view one of the ongoing fire tests.

Sealmaster is always pleased to make copies of test certificates (and reports) available for scrutiny and also maintains a video library of BS 476 tests.

For further (free) advice please contact Sealmaster's Technical Department,


  • Optimum flow of natural light.
  • Includes draught, fire and smoke seals.
  • Mimics style of toughened glass doors.
  • Single and double leaf doorsets available with 30 or 60 minute rating (BS 476).

Sealmaster Intumescent Ironmongery ProtectionFeatures

Fully-glazed fire doors can be seamlessly integrated into untreated timber, steel and partitioned systems. The image above shows a 30 minute fire door as part of a faceted butt-jointed fire screen in the Heathrow Hilton Hotel. Even though the door stiles can be as slim as 22mm, the doors incorporate Sealmaster Ultima seals which seal draughts in daily use plus fire and smoke during a blaze.


Single and double leaf doorsets are available with a 30 or 60 minute fire integrity rating (BS 476). The doors may be operated manually or automatically and the glass can be drilled for bolt-through handles. An acid etching effect can be used to create varied levels of obscurity. The slim steel frames are available in a variety of finishes.


The FireGlaze intumescent seals used in glass doors typically include three key components - FireGlaze Compound, FireGlaze GR15 dry bead strip and Ultima fire and smoke seals.


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