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Sealmaster Trapguard / Finger Protection

In many high traffic areas of a building, door sets more than any other structural element are subjected to unacceptable levels of punishing treatment.
Sealmaster Trap Guard Finger Protection
Sealmaster Trapguard is a high quality resilient blind that prevents fingers entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and door frame. The blind is mounted in a robust aluminium housing. Unlike a concertina style blind which is constantly exposed and can suffer damage as a result, this robust housing protects the Trapguard blind when not in use.

Sealmaster Trapguard is designed for use with single acting doors, being fixed to both the door face and door frame. As an effective finger protector it is particularly suited to buildings used by the very young. Available in 2m lengths the design has the added benefits of providing privacy down the hinge side of the door and of providing light assistance to closing the door. Being encased in a robust aluminium housing of the Sealmaster Trapguard is simple to install and designed to give long lasting performance with standard door configurations. The aluminium housing is supplied in natural anodised aluminium finish as standard but other finishes can be supplied to order. The blind component is supplied in white as standard but can also be supplied in an alternative finish of black to order.

Colours shown are representative only and may vary. Samples are available on request.
Trap Guard Colours

Sealmaster Trap Guard Finger Protecter1. If necessary, using a hacksaw, cut the assembly to suit the door height.

Allow at least 10mm clearance at the top of the door and 20mm at the bottom.

Two nylon retaining pins are located at the top and bottom of the pivot joint between the housing and bracket to prevent the Trapguard from moving up or down the door once fixed in place.

If the Trapguard is to be cut to size, ensure that these nylon retaining pins are replaced.

2. Thoroughly clean both the door face and frame, ensuring all dust, grease etc. is removed.Sealmaster Trap Guard Finger Protecter

3. Remove the backing from the adhesive tape and fix the finger protector in place.

Ensure the face with the aluminium hinge section is attached to the door frame.

4. Test the door operation several times to ensure the unit is working satisfactorily.

Trap Guard Finger Protection

    • Sealmaster Trap Guard Finger Protection