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Sealmaster Masterseal

Masterseal is one of a number of specially formulated compounds with intumescent properties for use in a range of gap sealing applications.

Masterseal is a fire-resisting seal with intumescent and erosion-resistant properties that is semi-flexible when set. Only a small amount of material is needed to give considerable periods of fire resistance. Gun applied, it comes in 300ml 10 inch cartridges.

A general purpose hole and gap filling sealant for use in masonry or plasterboard constructions and for areas around door ironmongery where excess timber has been removed prior to fitting. It can also be used for gaps in ceilings and walls up to 25mm. When gaps are filled from both sides, the fire resistance is generally doubled. Non-toxic, it can be overpainted and gives an easily tooled smooth finish.

fire performance
Masterseal produces a low pressure, erosion-resistant low volume expansion when activated by heat.

Masterseal has achieved a 60 minute rating in tests by various test houses.


gap filling sealant

  • Sealmaster Masterseal

    Ironmongery protected with Masterseal