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Sealmaster 60 Minute Fire Ventilators


Sealmaster 60 Minute Fire VentilatorsFire door ventilators permit a free flow of air up to 160m3/hour and can be fitted within 30 and 60 minute fire doors and wall, whilst maintaining the integrity of the fire compartment. Two 60 minute models are available, offering a choice of fire (VH60/F) or fire and smoke (VH60/FS) protection and both are easily installed with minimal restrictions on siting.

Both ventilators are manufactured from galvanised steel sheets, with louvre plates on each face. Standard finish is satin aluminium, with coloured finishes to special order.

Ventilators can be used in new or existing fire doors and can be mounted in a high or low position. An opening of 260mm x 135mm is required and once the ventilator is in position any gaps should be sealed with Intumescent Compound. Ventilators can also be fitted into walls using special extender units.

The intumescent seal in both units is activated by the high temperatures experienced in a fire. In model VH60/FS a cold smoke shutter which is powered by the fire alarm circuit is triggered on activation of the fire or smoke alarm system. A warning light indicates when the shutter is closed and the power is reinstated.

Both models have been tested in 60 minute fire doors by TRADA. The VH60/FS model is also subject to assessment by International Fire Consultants (IFC).


Models VH60/F provides 60 minute protection against fire and is maintenance-free once fitted. It is ideal where fire, rather than cold smoke is perceived to be the predominant risk. Where there is a risk of cold smoke, the model VH60/FS, which incorporates a magnetically-operated cold smoke shutter, should be specified.


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