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Coatmaster Pyroplast-C100

pyroplast-C is a waterborne intumescent coating for the fire protection of electrical cables. When exposed to heat or fire pyroplast-C expands to form a microporous intumescent foam layer with low thermal conductivity which protects the cable. In tests in accordance with IEC 331-1, pyroplast-C was found to increase the fire survival of the tested cables from 3.7 to 19.7 minutes.

Pack size: 25kg. Colour: White. Application method: Brush or spray Drying time: 2-4 hours to touch dry. 24-48 hours to through dry. Density: 1.26g/cm3. Flash point: Not flammable. Apply pyroplast-C onto suitably prepared cables/cable trays to meet fire protection requirements in accordance with IEC 331-1.

application rates
Apply at 1000g/m2

site conditions
pyroplast-C is suitable for internal, weather tight environments only. The product must only be applied in temperatures above 10ÂșC. Low temperatures will cause prolonged drying times and may lead to surface defects.

surface preparation
pyroplast-C is suitable for application to internal plastic sheathed cables. It is not suitable for application to unsheathed cables.
The cables to be coated must be dry and free from contamination such as grease. Any existing coatings must be completely removed by a method appropriate to the coating concerned.

method of application
pyroplast-C may be applied by brush or airless spray.

pyroplast-HW100 clear
The normal touch dry time for pyroplast-C is 2-4 hours depending on the conditions. The normal through drying time for pyroplast C is 24-48 hours depending on the conditions.

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pyroplast is a trade mark of RUTGERS Organics GmbH


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